Maybe this is an indelicate question but...

Sir Saartan

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I do. There’s a set of instructions in all my totes with the phone numbers and addresses of two people who know what to do with all of it. Kinda morbid, sure, but none of us know how long we’ll live. I don’t want my wife stuck trying to deal with it all if something happens to me. This way, that’s at least one thing she won’t have to deal with.
that's what I did as well.


I'm more concerned about them finding my storage locker full of pornography. 😲 That reminds me I need a bigger unit.😉

Seriously we haven't had the conversation yet. I want to be buried in a Trappist Casket dressed Casual Friday (I have suits) with my lighter, my favorite pipe at the time, a tin of McClelland Beacon Extra, a bottle of Appleton Estate 12, a bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and a picture of my family. Everything else will be on eBay.


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I've had the idea of starting a tobacco bank. All the survivors would have to do is let the tobacco bank know and the bank would have it picked up. To be part of the bank there would be a one time fee and your wish if what you would like done with it. The bank would take a percentage and pass the proceeds per registered wishes. If the member has no pass along instructions the bank would become the owner. The bank could then donate to various agencies. Like Wounded Warriors, service members serving our county or past service members and or?? There would need a lot of details worked out. This is only a starting point of what could be done. My idea is this would be a group of people who are passionate about pipes and tobacco. It could be PSD doing it?


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Yeah, all those bags and tins of Esoterica and McClellands in my cellar, lol... But, one day, I will have a stockpile of tobacco, I hope. Probably not full of unicorn dust or anything, but I do hope to put something together while I can. Pipes probably the same deal, likely nothing special except to me and people who like me. I wouldn't want it to all just be thrown out, but my wife wouldn't do that. I will, at the very least, leave login info. Then all you folks can arm wrestle to see who gets my Runowski blends, hopefully pretty far in the future.