Maybe this is an indelicate question but...


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I told my gal in the event of my tragic and untimely death to get on the forum and contact a mod. I want all my stuff distributed amongst you fellers.
Hopefully said mod will find a fun and interesting method of distribution. 😁
(Sorry in advance for the inconvenience to whatever mod that happens to be)


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Interesting thoughts expressed by everyone on something I hadn't given much thought to. There are items which the family knows has value (such as vehicles, guns, etc) but they likely have zero idea that pipes and baccy are actually worth something. None of them smoke. I can very well picture some of them 'helping with the spring cleaning' and tossing a lot of valuable tobacco in the trash if I was no longer existing on this mortal plane.


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Having just read this entire thread again, including my previous comments, I came to the realization that I really don't have to worry about my wife selling my pipes for less than they are worth for several reasons.

1. She knows what I paid for them because the majority were bought at flea markets, junk/antique shops, etc. and she was the one that found them.
2. She bought the majority of the New pipes as birthday, Christmas, Father's Day or Anniversary presents.
3. She knows that the Dunhill I have was given to me by a friend who never smoked it (and, didn't really know the value of it.) And that I won my three most expensive pipes at Long Smoke Competitions (one Ardor and two Rinaldo's).
4. We have two sons who are pipe smokers and five grandsons (too young to be pipe smokers). Our daughters and granddaughters are also interested in my pipes and pipe collectibles as keepsakes.