Meerschaum falcon bowl? HELP


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okay I want a Meerschaum bowl for one of my Falcons. However every Meerschaum bowl I find has plastic threads, that seems kind of hoaky to me. Anyone have any experience with something like this? Or should i just get a lined bowl from England instead of these "block meerschaum" and plastic bowl from god knows where. Thanks


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I have to disagree with others- I have only had poor experience with any plastic/delrin in any vicinity to a hot bowl/chamber
the stems being plastic is quite a different animal than a piece of plastic sitting directly under/next to the burning ember
Delrin DOES melt - I have witnessed it and it isn't pleasant
I'd say Avoid with a capital A


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Do not unscrew these meer
bowls while even warm! Let
them cool down fully before
separating them from the
humidome. Now, I speak from
experience in that I’ve lost
two bowls this way, BUT the
bowls had seen many years
of use, and were very dark
underneath. If you cool your
pipe prior to unscrewing the
meer bowl off, it should last
you for many years.
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