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Does cao no longer handle meerschaums?were they kicked to the curb in favor of cigars and tobacco?years ago a sweet cousin gave me one for Xmas a freesitting bent billiard that was more than serviceable
CAO had one carver, Ismet Bekler, who died 6-7 years ago. You may still find some NOS pipes. Serviceable describes CAO pipes quite well!


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I have owned a few meers in the past, mostly estate pipes. I know I've had a Paykoc that smoked nicely, and I'm pretty sure I had an SMS at one point...and a couple unbranded ones. They've been hit and miss mostly, but the Paykoc was one of the better ones.

I've had a Baki in the past, and it was the finest smoking pipe I've ever owned. But I sold it because at the time I felt like caring for meerschaum was slightly more trouble than I was willing to tolerate for a pipe. I've had other pipes approach or possibly even equal the smoking quality of my BST briars, but the Baki is the only pipe to ever surpass them. It ran in the neighborhood of 300-something, but if you're looking for a good meer then that's definitely a great route to go.

The only meerschaum pipe I currently own is a Barling apple, rusticated with a tan finish with the faux burnt rim effect. It's a great smoking pipe, but it's African block meerschaum, not Turkish. It smokes great, but because of the material will never be quite as fancy as some others. But the point is, if you're looking for the material itself rather than specifically looking for pure, white, beautiful new Turkish meerschaum, you might do well searching for estate block meerschaum pipes from the UK and the Isle of Man. My Barling smokes nicely. If you're looking for cheap but reliable, estate is definitely the way to go, and African meers made by companies like Pioneer, Barling, Manx, etc. smoke just fine.


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My local b&m had some skull meers from sms some years back but they didn't seem we'll defined.the artistic execution was somewhat off.all blobby looking like a busted can of biscuit dough
Gentlemen I'm not new to smoking pipes but I'M not an expert either. I was lucky enough to get a meer. When my wife bought me a pipe stand at some sale at her church. The meer is Turkish and it's unbranded. NOW the problem is that it was grandfathers and they dropped the pipe and the stem is broken. Really broken. I'M here in sheboygan WISCONSIN and I have no idea what the stem is made of. SO I need help. I need to get a new stem . I'M looking for someone who is able to know what the stem is and if it can be replaced with the same kind. SO any of you gentlemen able to tell me an address of a person or shop that I can talk with about this?. I would really appreciate the help. Rick