Milan Tobacconists Wall Street

Big G

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I was in Roanoke VA for a meeting in 2007 & stopped at Milan Tobacconists, wonderful old school tobacconists with their own pipe tobacco blends. Picked up a few samples & have been a happy customer ever since. First class folks with first class blends. Today I noticed that their “Blend of the Month” is Wall Street & had to put in a plug for this marvelous aromatic blend. Smokes like a dream, tastes great, great room note, and doesn’t leave goop in my pipes. The casings are noticeable yet allow the quality tobaccos to shine through. Outstanding!
Don’t believe just me, check out:
If you’ve never tried any of their blends you owe it to yourself to do so - they’re worth every penny.

Ellis You

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I bought one of their samplers a couple of years ago and everything in it was pretty good. My favorite was their version of London Dock. I liked it enough to buy a pound. Wall Street sounds like a winner too!