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Mister Moo


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Moo and I shared a fondness for straight razors, honing and shaving, as well as for pipe-smoking. I remember when he popped up over at the old Straight Razor Place. It was a treat for me to see that cow avatar on another community I liked. He certainly took to it and gained a lot of knowledge and became somewhat of a guru for many around PSF, where he shared his love of all things straight razor with the unshaven (or poorly shaven :bigyellowgrin:) masses.

We shared quite a few messages and discussed our mutual hobbies. He was always gracious and generous and I miss him greatly.


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He really might have been the funniest guy at PSF. He was a handsome bastard with fantastic mustaches. He taught me that there's a place called Lizard Lick in North Carolina. He was a smart, friendly, and kind person.

It's absolutely certain that he was a huge influence on the tone at PSF, and was a major part of why this whole thing worked. I sure do miss him.


Wyrd bið ful aræd.
Mr. Moo made me wish I shaved. I could have learned so much!

While I never had the opportunity to engage with him outside of regular forum posting, he was a man to admire. Quick of wit, knowledgeable on many topics, and as generous as a man could be. In the "selfie" thread on the old forums, he always had a good natured jab when I'd post a pic. I really miss that.

He was a special soul and while I miss his loss, it's really great hearing everyone's stories and anecdotes about him. It's those remembrances that keep him here with us.


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He sent me coffee beans that he roasted himself once, and also some tobacco he thought I'd like.

I remember him telling a new pipe smoker that was struggling with how to load the pipe, "Did you put enough air in there?" It also made me rethink how I load a pipe, even though I'd been smoking a pipe for years.

A great old cow, he was.