More proposed restrictions on pipe tobacco sales


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A bill, H.R.7337 – the Stop Tobacco Sales to Youth Act of 2018, was introduced in Congress recently to amend the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act to include electronic cigarettes and pipe tobacco. The PACT Act currently requires Internet sellers of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to pay applicable excise and sales taxes as if the sale were a face-to-face transaction, prohibits using U.S. Mail for these sales, and requires age verification. The bill would expand the scope of this federal law to add pipe tobacco and e-cigarettes.


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All the issues of today's government and they found time to remember the few odd thousand of us that still enjoy pipe tobacco...we are supposed to feel honored and throw ourselves t their feet in gratitude right?

On a more serious note, I can't recall the last time I ever saw a kid with a pipe that wasn't made of glass and containing anything even close to tobacco...I've seen plenty of them doing other stuff though, and cigarettes and dip are of course perennial favorite vices for high schoolers.


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Classic case of 'pick the battle you can win'..... They, the government and policy makers, can show general population (voters) the good they've done at protecting society - because they have picked on easy targets.

Illicit drugs on the other hand is an unwinnable war, so they avoid the battle.


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I predict you will not be able to buy your tobacco any easier or cheaper in the future than you can today. Two years from now you will kick yourself for not buying more and filling up the closets.

Everything is deeply deeply discounted today relative to what we will be charged in the future. IF we can even get it then.


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Easy all, this is good information but could easily be heading for a lock.

I agree that special interests and legislators are picking low hanging fruit to show how much they're doing. I've never seen a teen with a tobacco pipe or rolling their own tobacco, never mind having the credit card for the purchase in the first place.


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Two years from now you will kick yourself for not buying more and filling up the closets.
I've heard that every year for the last 20.
And I ain't done no kicking yet. ;)

However if I had filled up my closets 20yrs ago when I first heard the warning, I'd surely have be kicking myself ever since...because I would have had no room for all the great blends that have come out since. AND I would now have closets full of stuff I liked 20 yrs ago but don't really care for now.

To each his own. I have some in my cellar.
Others have more. Others have less.
But I neither encourage nor discourage the hording. Your money. Your choice.


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@blackmouth210 you very well could be correct. However, I am not willing to take the chance that the next 20 years will be anything like the last 20 years.
20 yrs!?! You said we'd kick ourselves after 2.
We'll see where we are in 2.

Remember the August 2016 tobaccolypse?
I bet some pipers are still eating through the canned goods they stored in preparation.



Thank goodness I do not have to depend on the internet for my pipe smoking, everything I enjoy smoking and/or pipe related accessories like filters, cleaners etc. I can get locally. This saves time, money and frustration.

Sir Saartan

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Remember the August 2016 tobaccolypse?
I bet some pipers are still eating through the canned goods they stored in preparation.
yepp smoking tin after tin of McClelland and Dunhill pipe tobacco. Could've done worse, right?

I'll let the pack of pitbulls protecting my cellar serve as my counter offer.

you guys are hilarious


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When I look at the pros of buying now, expecting the worst vs hoping for the best, they extensively outweigh the cons. Combine that with how much I enjoy smoking, it's a no brainer. And just because I buy now doesn't mean I can't buy new blends five years from now if that opportunity actually exists. I would rather die with tobacco left over than live sucking on an empty pipe.

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I have said it before--cellar. This doesn't mean one goes totally broke trying to build up a never ending supply of tins, and bulk. One simply should have some to enjoy, and that in my mind doesn't mean 1000's of pounds, and tins. I do not smoke a pipe like many do. I have made it a enjoyable experience these days.
I agree though--the writing is on the wall. It isn't gong to get easier, and cheaper.