More proposed restrictions on pipe tobacco sales


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One of the blends I make is called Calliope's Choice. It's along the lines of SPC Potlatch as far as profile and components. I have a Lamacha goat named Calliope, and she loves when I milk her smoking it. At some point a few years ago I offered her a tablespoon worth in the palm of my hand and she gobbled it up. About once a month I'd feed the same amount to them all. Last year I had the vet come out and do some ultrasounds on my pregnant llamas and she collected fecal samples of my critters to check for worms, as I told her I had not worked them. Her lab results showed no parasites were present in any of my animals and asked me what I used. (Apparently there are always some sort of parasites in the animals, even using get meds) I told her and supplied her with a half pound of the blend. It works. It's an organic "wormer" the animals don't need to be tricked into eating.

Also, my scraps of leaf I distill into teas that I use for bug spray in my garden. I try not to waste anything.

Also, there are members of a Native American church that use some of my blends for "sacred rituals". That falls squarely in the pervue of freedom of religion stuff.
That's incredible

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I can't imagine where she gets that from... Ha!
She loves fly fishing too. An early trip I took her on when she was old enough to hold a rod I showed her how to "mend" and she hooked a 20 inch steelhead that was right up against the bank, almost at her feet. I held her by the back of her waders for the twenty minutes it took her to land it. At twelve she'd read water like a pro and began helping me on guide trips on the Deschutes.