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Mr. Snuff PSA


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I posted over there, that I posted about this over here, and this is the reply i received from Mr.Snuff himself:

Watch this space, btw. We have a bonded warehouse. What does that mean? It means we can ship in pipe tobacco free of UK taxes. This translates to significantly lower prices for those outside the EU. We are looking at reducing the price of pipe tobaccos by around 40%, which will make us highly competitive.

It will not be immediate. We will do a test run on a couple to make sure we have done our calculations correctly. If so we will be reducing the price on pipe tobaccos across the board. We are planning to start with Erinmore, but if you want us to test on another one let me know.

I thought some of you here may be happy to hear about that. I'm not affiliated in any way. I'm just trying to help out some fellow pipers and snuffers!


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Does this mean they'll have 6 Photo Motia in stock lol that's some great news. Now all they have to do is give a set amount ordered for free shipping all the time.
They already have motia back in stock!!!! Along with several other 6 photo stuff. I'm pretty bummed that my snuff fund is low at the moment or i would be all over it already! They have a 6 photo sampler that looks like a killer deal too!