My 3rd Pipe


It's, like, Phyllis Diller funny.
I think they look pretty good for your first pipes. I'm no expert but your shaping (lines/flow, whatever it's called) is there. Do you remember if you had a specific idea or maker style you were shooting for?
Nah. I was just trying to make a decent looking pipe, and trying out various shapes. Luckily, about the time I sold that first pipe, I got hooked up with a couple of guys that had been making pipes for a few years, and who were/are really taking it seriously. Like, the “do it right! don’t fiddle sticksing leave tool marks! That’s a bulge right there…” kind of serious. I listened to them, and started seeking out some other makers I respected for advice. I’m still trying to find my own style, but I’ve some some people say that they’re starting to see it.

I didn’t really mean for this to turn into Jason’s History Thread. I was hoping some other guys might chime in with their early efforts, but it’s totally understandable if they don’t.
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