My Carter Hall Experiment


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I mostly find myself smoking TK-6 or a 50/50 blend of LL-7 and Dark Red, but lately I've been on an OTC tobacco kick, trying all the various ones I can get my hands on. Lane Ready Rubbed and Half & Half seemed a little rough around the edges to me, but not bad. Good with strong, black coffee.

Tonight I tried Carter Hall for the first time--wow, what a surprise! Very mild and tasty, and not at all what I was expecting out of an OTC tobacco.

As I type this, I'm relaxing at a remote cabin on a lake near Willow, AK, and greatly enjoying some CH! I'm gonna have to get me some more of this stuff.
I’m a fan of Carter Hall, I usually pick some up when I can find it which is not an easy task in Scotland! I tend to resort to carter hall when I don’t know what I want to smoke or just for breaking in something new.

I’m currently finishing my 32oz tub with no more left which is slightly disappointing, but I’m sure I’ll pick up some more next time I’m stateside.


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Carter Hall is a really nice tobacco, one that I always enjoy when I have some. I don't smoke it that often, but that's only because I only have the time for one bowl a day for the present. If I smoked more than one bowl a day, CH would definitely be in there, pretty regularly. There are lots of fans on this board.


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For whatever reason, my father never smoked Carter Hall. It was in the same category as Capt. Black and Borkum Riff for him. He was a Half and Half man, but sometimes they were out and he would buy Prince Albert, SWR and Granger pretty much in that order. I never tried Carter Hall until probably 2010 or so probably because I figured if my father did not like it I would not either. I had smoked a lot of Prince Albert and Granger by then.

In 2013, I went to Honduras for a month and only took Carter Hall. I took the maximum amount customs regs said you could bring into the country for personal use. I can't remember how much that was. I think it was a pound or a half kilo maybe. I knew that would not be enough for a month, but I assumed that pipe tobacco would be readily available in any town of a decent size. I was wrong. When I ran out, I switched to "Puros" cigars @ 20 lempira for a bundle of 20 tied with a string at the open-air markets. These were quite good I thought, and so I did not miss the pipe tobacco so much.

I found plenty of places selling overpriced fancy cigars, and there were a few souvenir pipes for sale in hotel lobbies, but I don't think there is much pipe smoking in Honduras.