My Favorite Blend: 2022 Edition


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What is the pipe tobacco blend, cut, type do you smoke most frequently and why is it your favorite go to? Not Unicorns but stuff people can actually buy.

Mine is C&D Haunted Bookshop. I like the strong flavor - Virginia, Burley, Perique - all working in concert. You have to smoke it slowwww to get it to last in the bowl. Easy to light, stays lit, and I smoke it all the way to the bottom.
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This is worth a review:

I will find more related threads and link them.


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I wish that question was as easy as what is my favorite Ice Cream flavor. Vanilla.
It's better I answer what don't I smoke. Lakelands.
IMO, McClelland had the best tobacco anywhere, their blends were the bar. Nobody had a better VA or source for Orientals. Sadly no more.
MacBaren/Sutliff is a close second.
Unfortunately I can't answer your question as you have answered your question. The blends I have I love. I smoke them equally throughout the year. I can do weeks on straight VA, then a week on Burleys, English blends for some reason I smoke between 12a and 5a.
If you put me on mars and I could only take one blend? Sir Walter Raleigh. I wish I could dial it in as you have.


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The blends I “go to” most often, lately anyway, are Germains Brown Flake and HU Edward G (or the similar HU Director’s Cut).
However, my favorite tobacco year in and year out is Samuel Gawith St. James Flake, it just keeps getting better and better with time and age.
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