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Russ H.

Patron-Fight The Good Fight
Thank you all so much for your prayers and condolences. What an amazing community we have here!

It’s a great community here. Although many of us have not met we lift one another up through words of encouragement and true heart felt prayers. Many of us have a story to tell about very rough times in our lives. I can say from experience these days that faith plays a huge part in the loss of those we love.
I will share a little something that I hope helps:
3 do’s—faith, family, friends.
3 don’ts—hopeless, helpless, hostile.
Through having faith, family and friends to get through this life will go a very long way to help one another.
NEVER, or at least try your best to not allow yourself to slip into a place in your life that leaves you feeling hopeless, helpless, and hostile when bad things such as loss takes place in our lives.
Life is tough and we owe it to one another to drag each other up and along the way in life. NEVER surrender and surround yourself with those who fo nothing but drag you down.