Mylar Bags for Tobacco Storage


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I’m just making the switch now. I believe there are pretty much no drawbacks.

My reasons for switching include:

No light getting through
Major weight reduction
No glass breakage
More compact (gusseted bags stand on shelves)
NO WASHING (and for me worrying about making sure the jar was cooled down enough without leaving it out to long to contaminate it)

Did I mention no washing? For some reason I grew to darn near dread washing 64 little glass jars.

I have no long term experience but man these bags are so solid.

Everyone I have talked to has had nothing but good to say.


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I think that depends on what end results you're after in the long term.
That's a good point. If you want to age anything - say letting the sugars do their thing in most VA flakes - you wouldn't want to vacuum seal or remove the oxygen, IIRC. I guess I could see where with some Latakia blends or others you'd prefer to remain "fresh" or static, you could do one or both.


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I've used a lot of the mylar bags for storing my tobacco. I'd recommend 7 mm vs 5 mm for long term storage. I've used sizes from 5" x 5" up to 5 gallon. I bought a machine to seal them but have been mostly using a hot iron and ironing board. Easier and I believe it seals more completely.
Good to know. An iron and ironing board is something almost all of us have.
My wife's hair straightener would be a no-go most likely @Terminus.
But that's a good suggestion too.

What else are you guys sealing with?
I take it that the zip seal on these bags shouldn’t be trusted for any amount of long term storage?

I think this is going to be my next tobacco related purchase. I need to shed some jars.
The way they're designed, there is a "tearoff" between the zip and the heat seal area. So I take it the heat seal is for long term, the zip lock is for short term after you tear off the heat seal. The zip lock on the 5 mm bags I've seen is quite flimsy and won't stand many openings before ripping apart from the sides. The zip lock on the 7 mm seems quite sturdy.

I'm a bit surprised about the curling iron being recommended. I didn't think those things got that hot. At the same time, it's not like I have experience with them either. Jesse, were you curling your mustache when you were younger? :startle: