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Okay...maybe not that funny. I found a jar of mystery tobacco a few months ago and set it aside to try and identify but promptly forgot about it. It was quite a bit, not some scraps from a tin that I just dumped in a jar to save the last bit of moisture so that I could finish it up. It was a solidly packed wide mouthed jar of flake and broken flake. Definitely something worth keeping but for some reason I didn't label it.

Last week I found it again and put it on my desk to contemplate when I was on conference calls. I looked at it and compared it to other jars that I had and couldn't figure it out. For some stupid reason I didn't even think to take the lid off and sniff it. Most of my stuff is VA or VaPers so I was going with that. 4-5 days I played this guessing game before today I finally took the lid off and sniffed......

Ennerdale Flake. There's no mistaking that smell.


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Now i need to go through and make sure everything i have is labeled..
It doesn’t matter. The jar I had WAS labeled.

Except it was labeled Germain’s SLF and contained no Latakia. It’s delicious, but SLF it ain’t.

I sent some to two or three people who all said “Wow, that’s really good. Too bad we can’t figure out what it is.”
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