Natural Mark Twain


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Is there a big difference in weight between finished and unfinished cobs? Also what are other benefits?
I don't know about them being better smoking, but like @WalkinStick they do seem lighter for my clenching habit.
I suppose that may depend on the model, though.
The appeal to me about natural cobs is strictly cosmetic.
They have such a great feel in the hand (akin to a well-blasted briar).
I enjoy studying them up close and just admiring nature's rustication work .

This is one that was given to me.
It's not a Twain, but still one of my favorite natural cobs in my rotation:



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I agree that the natural cobs smoke better, I think in some ways the plaster used restricts many of the benefits that the cob itself provides, my wife thinks they are ugly and will not let me take one when we are in public together, but when I go on fishing trips etc alone I prefer them if the weather is cooperative


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Did you request a bent? On the site the only have strait naturals. I prefer bent and would like a natural Mark Twain.
They must be temporarily out of the bent version. When they have them they are listed. You could send them an email and ask when they think they will be back in stock, or wait and see. Or if you are desperate it's not that hard to modify a straight and make it bent.