Need Help and Support- Trying to quit cigarettes


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Smoked for more than 40 years. Cigs, cigars, pipe, and dip. Tried to quit many times, failed. Retired. "Talked" with some one who vaped. She gave me the run down on what I needed, secret code words, etc. Ordered a start up kit, slowed down on cigs (was rolling my own). Ended up stopping buying tobacco for cigs in a short time - couple of months max? , just vape now a days. Relatively painless and I don't have that craving/addiction for vaping that I had for coffin nails. Only problem I have is looking at my dust covered pipes as I ended up losing interest in smoking them too. That and the 50 pounds I have stashed for the tobacco apocalypse which will come eventually (g). The government is saying vaping is bad for you. the doctors are saying vaping is bad for you, but they're passing laws making smoking unfiltered marijuana legal. Go figure. But then, they haven't figured out how to make vaping the cash cow tobacco is..
Not so sure this is relevant to this thread. As I take it the OP was about transitioning from cigs and pipes to just pipes, not how to quit smoking entirely. After all, this is a pipe smoking forum.


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I was a heavy smoker for 14 years and used Chantix to get off cigs. Have not smoked one cig since and it has been over 10 years. I just started the pipe back in September of 18 as I still like tobacco, the history and tradition. Inhaling pipe tobacco would probably floor me, but if you have the will and it helps - give it a try.

Another thing that helped me was doing the math. At the time before I quit, I was spending 80-100$ a month on smokes and applied it to other hobbies....I wish you all the best!


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Cigarette smoking is a powerful addiction. Like most addictions, it becomes linked to certain behaviors that become a routine. This creates a powerful physical/mental link that rewards the user and keeps the cycle going.

I’ve known several smokers that quit but it took significant outside support. The issue wasn’t just the nicotine addiction, it was the psychological factors and stressors that led to the smoking in the first place. I would suggest looking into a support group, whether an in-person, or even virtual group where you can get help, vent, etc. Also, keep using PSD!

A good vape shop can also help. My local vape shop keeps a tally of smokers that they have helped quit and it’s almost at 200 (pretty significant in a small rural community). A good vape shop can custom mix the e juice to match the taste and strength of your cigarettes. They can then titrate your dose down over time.

I think if you can replace the cigs (even just a few to start), with vaping, and treat your pipe smoking as a time to relax, a treat to yourself, instead of a physical need, you may start to feel less reliant on the cigarettes. Eventually, you can transition completely.

Remember, big changes often start with small ones.

Best of luck!
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It’s my strong belief that there are highly addictive compounds in commercial cigarettes over and above nicotine. That’s because I went through withdrawal when I switched to roll-ups, even though at first I was smoking strong tobacco and smoking as many roll-ups a day as I wanted.

Once you get over the addiction to the witch’s brew in commercial cigarettes, you will only have an addiction to nicotine to deal with and it’s possible to replace inhaled nicotine with non-inhaled.
I am 100% in agreement with this statement and believe it cannot be emphasized enough. While nicotine is indeed addictive, where cigarettes are concerned, I think it gets the lion's share of the blame when there are many MANY other ingredients in far greater play in terms of addictiveness. One aspect that is very telling is the fierce loyalty to a specific brand that many cigarette smokers have. One is addicted to a very specific chemical cocktail produced by a given brand whereas a lot of pipe and cigar smokers quite often move around from brand to brand with ease, taking great enjoyment in the constant variety. A friend of mine smokes Camels, he came over one evening for a few drinks and ran out. By the end of the night he was starting to turn green and feel like death, even through he was sucking down his girlfriend's Marlboro at that point.

The sooner you transition from commercial cigarettes to, well, ANYTHING else, be it good quality RYO, pipes or vaping, the better. The proprietary witch's brew is the real battle and there may not any one product that will truly comfort your withdrawal from it.
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Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments and wishes and for bucking me up. I am overwhelmed but eh responses. Although I wanted to respond to you all individually yet time does not permit that but I would mention that I feel the support you have extended and it gives me more the reason for trying to quit.

Would I be able to quit for real? I do not know for the moment. However, my pack a day has suddenly come down to 10-12 a day for now and I have introduced a small filter on my cigs to keep the tar low. I have learnt that its not only nic and tar but other chemicals that are addictive and that's new to me. I will now try my best to get rid of these lil sticks of murder ASAP. I just wish I would be able to do that. Tried it a couple of times, one time very seriously, but failed and that makes me feel like slave to this thing but still I'm not giving up.

If you don't mind, I would like to post updates to this thread whenever I think I make progress. I might not go cold turkey but reduce gradually with intensions of quitting finally. So let's see about that. As for now I am consuming half of what I was consuming three days ago. I hope I can quit some day. I am determined and have already started disliking them as I said and have noticed the psychologically the cigs now give me a bad taste may be I can build on that.

Will keep you posted on my adventures in quitting ;) thanks again all of you !!!


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Sidd, I’ll echo @JustScott ’s statement.
I don’t know if you’re familiar with smokeless tobacco (Copenhagen), but I was addicted to that stuff for decades. Many spectacular failures at quitting - until one day I just said “That’s it”, and just stopped - dead stop, haven’t done it since. I hope that will happen soon for you.
In the meantime, I’m intrigued by the idea of inhaling pipe tobacco as a means of getting your “fix”, but I wonder if the combination of habit and chemical additives in the cigarettes can be overcome by that. I don’t think it would hurt to try.
Best of luck to you regardless, I hope you have that monkey off your back soon.
Even getting back into pipe smoking and taking up snuff hasn't eliminated my dipping tobacco habit. It's not the nicotine as I can get plenty thru snuff. It's the ritual and mental part of having something in my lip. I've lately been able to switch over to the pouches and dipping a little less. Sometimes I can even get by if I put a coffee bean or piece of gum on my gums instead. I'm trying but stopping completely is not close yet. Getting over just the mental/ritual part of it is the toughest part for me. I wish you the best of luck and where there's a will there's a way.


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I don't think there's anything I can say that hasn't already been said, but personally I've met two pipers who used their pipes as a kind of 'replacement therapy' for quitting.

Based on the experiences of these two friends - one of whom I helped out - the most effective way of replacing cigarettes with pipes was to smoke a pipe when the urge to have a cigarette arises, then see if you still want a cigarette.

Additionally, I would seek-out blends with substantial nicotine strength, of which there are many. Best of luck with quitting those awful things!


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I quit in 2013 using e-cigs. I quickly realized that the little ones from the store were not going to do the trick, so I researched online, and I got a bigger one, then a bigger one than that. I was vaping multiple flavors, and found the variety kept me satiated. E-cigs get a bad rap, but they were the only thing that got me off cigarettes. I definitely agree that there are other addictive chemicals in cigarettes. I've read they've found MAOIs (antidepressants) in them. When I switched to e-cigs, I had several intense anxiety attacks about a month after I quit, which continue sporadically to this day. I can't 100% say that cigs were inadvertently treating an underlying anxiety disorder, but I also don't think it's coincidence to have anxiety suddenly appear at 37 years old. Either way, e-cigs worked for me to get off the traditional cigarettes, but I needed the right kind.

All that said, if you need a nic fix, snuff does an OUTSTANDING job taking care of that. I've over-served myself on plenty of occasions, to the point that smoking a pipe or vaping is NOT appealing.


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I can’t relate directly, but I was a Copenhagen guy for a long time. The two things in this thread I agree with are you have actually decide it’s time and the mental addiction aspect. I think it helps to be aware of activities and rituals that trigger cravings. For me, some activities were so closely associated with having a dip in my mouth that it still reminds me of it when I am doing those things now.


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Im gonna write a book and I apologize beforehand:

I have smoked cigs since I was 14 (49 now)
I quit when i joined the navy and started back when basic was over. I have stopped a few times since but never put em down.
3 years ago I put em down and the pipe is what helped me do it. Only problem is I picked em up again.
For the past 11 years I have had constant pain due to a medical condition- that meant I smoked like a yard full of locomotives. My wife has referred to me as Samuel Clements many times but mostly "hey smoky" although she smokes a little also.
I am now pain free thanks to 2 major surgeries so the smoking can stop huh---the problem is---I frickin love smoking. Cigs, pipes, cigars, tobacco tobacco tobacco I love tobacco.
I got off of commercial squares and started RYO about two years ago. My tastes are very picky and I demanded what I felt like was the best I could find.
I found a couple of girls and their padre that produce tobacco and started there.
I noticed a major difference in the taste of the cigs and I smoked way more of the RYO.
What I never realized at first was that the chemicals were gone. It took about 5-6 weeks to make the transition to the new smokes without feeling like something was missing.
I now smoke way less-but I still smoke em and I smoke my pipe like it's going to make me rich.

There are definitely a cocktail of chemicals in the commercial cigs that are majorly addictive and way worse than the tobacco.

My problem is I LOVE SMOKING.
Habit has a ton to do with it also. I find that if I can keep my hands busy then I'm ahead of the game.
For driving I keep a pipe and tobacco in any vehicle I might be driving.
I do a ton of welding. Welding has always meant smoking. Old man that taught me to weld smoked as did I, he would always tell me to light a smoke and relax and the weld would just flow.
That became a habit and it has been with me since the age of 18.
Now when welding I try my best not to smoke- holding a short used welding rod between my fingers has taken its place.

Will power is the most important and it sounds like you have that part in your favor.
When engaged in an activity that is a trigger for smoking, try a surrogate to trick your mind.
I still smoke those little round tobacco sticks, though it is different.
I will smoke them very slowly and inhale at least 75% less. It is more about the taste now. I guess I really dont need em huh.
Of course I am a nicotine addict, but the pipe fills that hunger with no problem.
The sticks are getting less and less and the pipe is taking up the slack. So yeah, if I'm awake I'm smoking - mostly the pipe now.
I have very little will power concerning tobacco.
Best of luck to you brother and I hope you kick those sticks to the curb.
I was as deeply addicted to cigarettes as it was possible to be, but I was able to quit them in 1994. What worked for me was switching from commercial cigarettes to roll-ups, and then using pipes and snuff to gradually reduce and then eliminate the roll-ups.

It’s my strong belief that there are highly addictive compounds in commercial cigarettes over and above nicotine. That’s because I went through withdrawal when I switched to roll-ups, even though at first I was smoking strong tobacco and smoking as many roll-ups a day as I wanted.

Once you get over the addiction to the witch’s brew in commercial cigarettes, you will only have an addiction to nicotine to deal with and it’s possible to replace inhaled nicotine with non-inhaled.

Stopping a cigarette addiction is a major struggle, but for the rest of your life you will be happy you did so. Think about it: Why should you pay those bastards to kill you? For that is surely what you are doing.

I know you can do this, because I did, and, as I say, I was as addicted to cigarettes as anyone I have ever known.

Hang in there. One day at a time.
I think this post makes a lot of sense......and I will add that once in the roll up stage buy a suitable vape thingy that can vape Nic Salts (not ordinary liquid with nicotine, the salts are really good for cig smokers trying to give up) has worked for quite a few people i know.

Me.....I'm lucky hate cigs most in the U.K. are Virginia and I'm not keen....and I don't seem to get addicted to nicotine from pipe tobacco or cigars.....I stop smoking the pipe in the winter if the weather gets to bad to go outdoors sometimes for weeks....never bothers me...lucky I guess


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I smoked for years off and on. In the 70’s I took up pipe smoking ... those great days at Erhlichs in Boston . I could walk the streets on downtown Boston and see pipe smokers everywhere. But what happened is I started to inhale the pipe .. not on each puff but now and then...then the cigar craze ... did the same thing ... not on each puff ... but what a nic hit!!! So when I got back into pipe smoking I quit the cigs... the thing is I just did not inhale the pipe... e.g. just a few days ago , I went 3 days with out the way if I smoked cigs... I know the nic is getting into my system though my mouth.. but somehow I do not have the need for the nic. I could be deceiving myself... but if I quit my pipe I would not have that need... I think. I have to laugh in a way . I remember sitting across the desk of a colleague at a law firm in Boston , we both were smoking our new Dunhills, and he says the he inhales and gets an incredible hit of Nic.. I agree...somehow we were addicted ... not to the pipe but the nic. It carried over from the cigs!!!the trick is to give up the cigs ... and not inhale your pipe smoke under any circumstance.... the blast is too much as I am concerned...I really like the idea that I can go days without the need to smoke my pipe.


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I smoked cigarettes for about 12 years, and never thought I could give up, I wasn't just addicted (although I definitely was)...I loved smoking them, especially with coffee in the morning, and after dinner in the people have already said, for me it didn't make any difference what health professionals, friends, family, etc said about it...I gave up 'for good' a bunch of times, but it was only when I had fully decided that I wanted to give up, because I wanted to, that I did it. That was 11 years ago, and I have not smoked one cigarette since then, and although I missed it for a long time, I can honestly say I don't miss it one bit...I don't care at all if people smoke them around me, but I do not care for the smell anymore...the taste and smell of pipe tobacco/smoke is so much nicer now to me...

About 3 years ago I became interested in pipe smoking, and I have very slowly delved into this world, wondering if I could smoke them for the taste, ritual and relaxation, without becoming addicted, and so far it has been my most relaxing and enjoyable hobby, not just the smoking, but the collecting and TAD/PAD. I told myself when I started smoking pipes that if I ever felt addicted I would sell everything and stop right away, but I don't think I will ever have to do that...I can smoke 3 bowls a week, or 3 bowls in a month, or less/more than that, without worrying...on vacation it might go up to a few bowls a day, but my day to day life doesn't allow for too much pipe smoking on a daily basis anyway...

Point is I definitely believe you can do this @Sidd! high Nic blends sound a good way to go, and perhaps upping the number of bowls you smoke for now...


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Have you ever tried budgeting your cigarettes? It worked well for me until my (now ex) wife decided she wasn't going to try along with me.
Label some veggies for morning, afternoon, and night - or whatever works for you - and decide how many cigarettes you will smoke in each portion of the day. Once those are gone, your done 'til it's time to move to the next bag.
I cut from almost two packs a day to less than one quite easily that way. If my (thank goodness she's the ex) wife had stuck to it with me I might have cut back even further, but it was ultimately my choice.
It was surprising to me how different the cigs were visually, too, when I wasn't toting 'em around in a closed box - or, more importantly, the impact the difference made was surprising.
I had a friend who used a tube from a ballpoint pen as an aid to get him past the physical habit - he just cut it to the same length as a cigarette and carried it in his shirt pocket. If he felt like he needed to keep his fingers busy or even "puff" he'd pull it out. My dependency was more chemical than ritual, i suspect, because the pen tube didn't work well for me.
Plus it melted every time I lit it. And tasted awful.