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For Sale New Gent Pipe Pouch! Hand Dyed Brown Leather


Possibly Flying the Coop
Okay, here is the latest batch of Gent Pipe Pouches. These are made from a Hand Dyed Brown leather, with a raw edge and copper hardware (I also have these in my usual notched flap design).


You can also get any of these in a Gift Set, with a matching, 4"x6" Tobacco Mat, Pipe/Cigar Rest and a Pony Sized Workhorse Tobacco Pouch, all of which will fit inside as well.
These are in stock right now, and I'm shipping these out in 1-2 days from purchase.


Here are the prices, with your PSD discount:
-Pouch alone (Reg. price is $65.) PSD price is $58.50
-Pouch and 4"x6" Tobacco Mat (reg. price is $75.) PSD price is $67.50
-Pouch, Mat, Pipe/Cigar Rest (reg. price, $91.) PSD Price is $82.00
-Gift Set: Pouch, Mat, Pipe/Cigar Rest and Tobacco Pouch (reg. price, $111.) PSD price is $100.

Free, U.S. shipping is included.

PM me to order or visit the website for more pics/info: Sorringowlandsons.com
If you order direct on the website, just use this code at checkout: PSDMEMBER
You can also post questions on this thread.

Thanks for looking!