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Hi folks, just signed up. New pipe smoker here. Smoked a pipe briefly ages ago, but never really got into it. Recently got a few pipes and am trying out a bunch of different blends to figure out what I like. I'm at the bottom of the learning curve right now, so please forgive any stupid questions.

So far my favorite blend is C&D Haunted Bookshop. Love Old Joe Krantz as well, and their Pirate Kake blew me away. Based on what it smelled like in the tin, I didn't think I'd be able to amoke it, but that stuff is wonderful.


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Hello Lazarusaurus and welcome to PSD from northern California.
The learning curve is steep but remember to have fun!

There’s a ton of information in the various threads here but feel free to ask “newb” questions in the “Ask an Old Fart” subforum. Enjoy.