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Sold! New In Box Peterson '09 PoY - Smooth Grainy Bent BANDWAGON Brandy


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Not quite House Pipe large, but this is a substantial bent Pete from a quality chunk of briar, unsmoked and in the same sock and box it came in new nearly a decade ago. I picked it up in 2013 as I hadn't seen one in a couple years at that time and loved the shape. From inspecting this pipe, I can't believe I have to say this, but some more recent production pipes kind of make it so: It's drilled spot on to the bottom center of the chamber, passes a cleaner effortlessly, has some fine stem work, and is fill free. Very nice grain and silverwork, solid flow in the lines, should be one heck of a smoker. I'll stop blabbing and let the photos say the rest.

Length: 5.80"
Bowl ID: 0.79"
Bowl OD: 1.65"
Bowl Depth: 1.78"
Weight: 67g

Adjusted down to $200, including CONUS shipping. Firm price, and if it doesn't sell I'll be moving it to the evil auction house in the cloud.

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This is one of the first Bandwagon brandys which came out of Peterson back in the day. Somehow, it missed getting the "Bandwagon" stamp though, so I think that makes it even more rare, right?

At any rate, I think only Bandwagon brandy and billiard shapes were carved. Brandys received disproportionately more love due to the increase in briar content as you work your way down the bowl, ensuring your smoke stays cool and dry until the end (the opposite of the "Dublin effect," if you will). This particular piece received almost an extra decade of "cure time" on the freshwater coast of SC. Even more ideal a place for briar to rest, some might argue, than the Mediterranean.