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The appearance of our forum (backgrounds, colors, menus, etc) is controlled by the forum "style". When we set up this forum, we purchased a custom style and then had it further modified for our use.

This modified style has some problems with the recently upgraded forum software, and the style is no longer being maintained.

Instead, we have taken the basic forum style that shipped with the upgrade and modified it ourselves to produce five new styles that work well with the upgraded forum. We hope that using styles that are not so extensively modified will make future upgrades less problematic.

You can pick any of the new styles you like, and pick a different style at any time. To try a different style, use the "Style Chooser" by clicking on the name of the current style at the bottom of every page (for most users this will be "PSD Old Style" until you change it). "PSD Dark Wood" is similar to the current style, and the PSD Blue and Blue-Gray styles use a lighter background and colors.


You can also activate the Style Chooser using this link: Style Chooser or choose a style in your Preferences dialog.

For now, the old style is set as the default, and you can continue to use it. However, we will eventually choose one of the new styles as default and deactivate the old style. At that time, if you have not chosen a new style, you will be placed in the new default (but you will still be able to choose one of the other new styles if you don't like the default).

If you have questions about the new styles, please post in the Site Questions section. If you have complaints about the colors or the placement of menus and other user-interface items, please keep them to yourselves. We are not paid designers, and there is a limit to our time and abilities. Please find something else to complain about; P&C, Peterson Pipes, Polish Condor, and how everything used to be better (especially Condor) are always good candidates.

This may be obvious, but if you want the notice at the top of the page to go away, click the little X at the right side of the notice. I will make it go away for everyone eventually.
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The PSD Old Style is now disabled, and Dark Wood is the default. If you have not chosen a style, you are using the Dark Wood style.

You can choose one of the other enabled styles at any time. Use the Style Chooser at the bottom of the page, or go to your Account Preferences here:
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