New to pipe making? Do yourself a favor


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If you are getting started in pipe making and attempting to cobble together a few tools around the house to get started, then go purchase or borrow a copy of this book:

It’s a few years old and not the end game on pipe making for sure, but what it is can help you learn terminology, pick out supplies and understand the basics of pipe making. It’s a well spent $20 and will likely save you that same money on your first couple pipe projects.



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I picked up the PIMO book after lurking on PMF for a few years, and found it less valuable as a result, to be honest.
It's a much taller order, but I'd say go read that forum, in its entirety.
I know that several of you guys have read the forum in its entirety, but that task is beyond me (I have the attention span of a demented gnat). I do consult the forum for specific questions and problems, and have learned enough to evaluate some of the information for applicability to my tools and methods.
That said, there is no better source of pipe making information available anywhere.
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