New Website! Marlowe's Pipe Shop


Busy Bird
Hey, Folks,
Just wanted to spread the word, I've been wanting to whittle down my herd of over 300+ pipes for awhile, now, so, instead of listing them, one by one, drip by drip, I decided to create a separate website:

I'm announcing it here, first, so, everyone at PSD can get a sneak peek. These are my own, personal pipes that I've collected over the last 10 years. And since I'm beginning to make my own pipes, it's time to let some of these go so others can enjoy them. There are plenty of different pipes, from all over the world, but, also, I'm offering some of my leather accessories, from Sorringowl & Sons.

I'll be listing certain pipes here on the forum as well, so, if you see something you like, you can visit the website, or you can PM me.
Thanks for looking.
Hey guys, been a bit busy lately with home improvement and writing projects but, I just finished up a batch of fresh pipes (new and estate) and, in the next few days, they should be listed on my website:

Free shipping in the U.S. and I do accept offers. Also, as I'll be having more time soon to work on pipes, let me know if there's anything special you're looking for (a birth year Dunhill, an old, Danish straight grain, etc.), as I have a LOT of pipes. Also, if you're looking for unrestored or basket pipes, I do have plenty of those, and I'll be selling those at budget friendly prices. ;)