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"Now that's a place I'd like to smoke a pipe"


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I was looking at a picture of a lush, green, forested, mountain in Hawaii today and thought to myself, "Now that's a place I'd like to smoke a pipe". Then realized I have similar thoughts all the time.

What's your top 3 places that make you say, "Now that's a place I'd like to smoke a pipe". (Places you have never been)

Pictures might be fun.


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Hypothetically? I'd like to smoke a pipe while walking around at a tobacco auction in a warehouse. But not in 2019, I would need a time machine to go back a few decades.

Realistically? anywhere where I would have time to sit and smoke an entire Bowl would be fine with me!
Whoa whoa whoa, let's leave realistic attitudes and time constraints out of daydreaming threads now buddy.:old:

Billy Ockham

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The old campsite at Tea Creek. Chilly morning, maybe October 1982. Dad’s taking an ice cold bath in the Williams River. Grandpa’s frying potatoes and onions over the fire. Bennie and Mike are pitching horseshoes and cussing at Bernard, who just wants to drink beer and fish. Fred’s tuning up his Mandolin. The Mountaineers are playing up at Penn State at noon, we’ll listen on the radio, and give ole Jimmy Carder hell if we win.

I’m the only one left since Fred passed a couple years back. I’d give anything for one more weekend with those bastards.



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On top of my dream list would be owning a summer house. With a view from inside and outside and with the possibility of enjoying my pipe at both locations. The below picture is from Toscana , where I have never been. A summer house closer to our home would however be more convenient. Apart from that I hope to some day visit Faroe Islands and Boston and surroundings, while enjoying a pipe or two during the day as well.

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