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"Now that's a place I'd like to smoke a pipe"


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well.....if I ignore the little problem of time..... the Hindenburg's smoking lounge is my number 1 smoking location...
If I'm not ignoring the linear nature of how I experience space/time..... I suppose sitting somewhere along the shore watching a Zeppelin NT flying over Lake Constance might be a nice place for a smoke...
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The old campsite at Tea Creek. Chilly morning, maybe October 1982. Dad’s taking an ice cold bath in the Williams River. Grandpa’s frying potatoes and onions over the fire. Bennie and Mike are pitching horseshoes and cussing at Bernard, who just wants to drink beer and fish. Fred’s tuning up his Mandolin. The Mountaineers are playing up at Penn State at noon, we’ll listen on the radio, and give ole Jimmy Carder hell if we win.

I’m the only one left since Fred passed a couple years back. I’d give anything for one more weekend with those bastards.

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Hell, man, now that I’ve read that I’d give anything for one more weekend with those bastards!

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Not a place really but anywhere with my dad. He turns 75 in April, the smartest person I have ever known and has forgotten more than I will ever know. We go north fishing every year for a week and nothing gives me more joy than lighting up a pipe with him at 6 in the morning on a serene lake with a touch of fog rising of it trolling along at a snails pace. p1030769.jpg