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"Now that's a place I'd like to smoke a pipe"


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The old campsite at Tea Creek. Chilly morning, maybe October 1982. Dad’s taking an ice cold bath in the Williams River. Grandpa’s frying potatoes and onions over the fire. Bennie and Mike are pitching horseshoes and cussing at Bernard, who just wants to drink beer and fish. Fred’s tuning up his Mandolin. The Mountaineers are playing up at Penn State at noon, we’ll listen on the radio, and give ole Jimmy Carder hell if we win.

I’m the only one left since Fred passed a couple years back. I’d give anything for one more weekend with those bastards.

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What a great post....this is what it's all about...thanks for sharing...


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Great thread... I have a sizable list of places I'd love to have a bowl if it wasn't illegal. Multiple spots in Golden Gate Park (which is a huge park, about 5-6 blocks wide by about 3 miles long, it's not like a small "city park". Most of it is fairly wild.) I could maybe get away with a bowl, especially in the wilder parts west of 19th avenue (and almost definitely in the wildest bits, between 25thish and Great Highway) but there are, many times, rangers patrolling here and there, randomly. Also it's VERY anti-tobacco here, so if someone saw me, they would call the rangers (most likely they'd actually call 911, lol...) There are also dozens of places in various county parks in San Mateo County, where it's also illegal. Some of the best trails I've ever hiked, some of the most beautiful places, but I'd only be safe from harassment if I happened to be far off-trail. (Of course, I do know a few nice off-trail places, but I haven't gotten the chance to have a bowl in any of them yet.) And that's like my top 50, just not individually listed.
All things considered, though, I really do enjoy my spot in the garden. I'm just glad no one gives me any trouble about it, and I have a place that's out of (most of) the weather. All in all, that's pretty lucky.


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Places I have already smoked my pipe:
On the deck of an icebreaker while in the ice of the Bering Sea midway between Alaska and Russia.
Walking around both Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand
On the deck of an icebreaker while resupplying Palmer Station, Antarctica and watching the penguins.
Valpraiso, Chile
The Original Sloppy Joes in Key West.
Governors Island New York while looking at the Statue of Liberty
New Orleans sitting along a Mardi Gras Parade route

one of my favorites: Sitting next to a mountain stream in the Cascades while my girlfriend at the time was skinny dipping.


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Time machine and I'm old, retired to Sun City, Arizona. Evening walk in the fall around the neighborhood on Del Web Blvd. Then I'd stroll up to my garage, open the garage door, taking a step in I'd stop and pat my 56 T-bird on the hood. Close the garage door (button). Before opening the door to go inside I stop and put the pipe in it's resting place on the enormous oak pipe cabinet beside the door...oh I could go on with this.. 😎