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ODK coming my way.

I need some ideas from the tobacco brains trust.I have some Mac baren ODK on order having thought about it I think I may have tried it before and did not like it.This doesn't mean a lot because palates, tastes change.The question Iam asking is if I don't like it what should I do with it in terms of blending any ideas with percentages would be appreciated.
Are you talking about ODF?

I am a huge fan of ODF, so my opinion may be biased. But I think it's a blend that requires a little bit of drying time to maximize its potential. Give it maybe 30-60 minutes and try your luck then. Even if it seems a little crispy, it'll be an easier smoke.
You are absolutely right its ODF not ODK that I have ordered.Thank you for the advice.

If it is as you say, and you still don't like it, there's plenty of folks here that would swap you. If you're considering blending with it, GH and co Bob's Chocolate Flake is a good candidate.
That's a good idea I have some Chocolate Flake I will try that.