Official 2022 POY Ordering Thread


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Got mine yesterday. I really like the size and weight. I needed another light small option. This makes my 5th or 6th bones. I enjoy all of them. Also happy there is no bowl coating. I got one with a bowl coating in my last order. The coating was fine, no issues, I just prefer naked wood. Naked...wood....hmmmm...not the best combo of words.


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Tried desktop first, iPad second. No go. Will try again today.

Sorry, you're having that issue.
I'm not sure what the site doesn't like about certain setups.
One PSD member had similar issues and finally found a combo that worked other than through his phone.

There is no "window" for ordering. They're available until they sell out and unless someone goes in and buys a whole bunch of them this morning, there should still be POY's available when you try today.


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