Old Meerschaum pipe question


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I picked up an old meerschaum the other day. Wondering if anyone here may know a rough age for it.
The case calls it Real Amber but I've never seen a real amber stem so I'm not sure. It looks like Acrylic with a swirl to me, with an old bone tennon.
The only hallmark is on the band and says "14K 1/40 R.G"

Should clean up nicely. I've gotten most of the grim off and the only issue is it was broken at the shank in the past and patched back together. It wouln't be the prettiest but should be a fine anytime smoker.


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Amber feels more like glass than plastic. As such, its very breakable. Its also heavier.

I'd guess it to be turn of the century...late 1800's, but i'd have to see it in person. I dont recognize the markings. Cool old pipe...nice score!
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