One Year

Russ H.

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PS—-I’ve been told time heals things and the hole shrinks when you lose a spouse. WRONG
The hole never closes and the. Love never dies. It just gets a little easier to cope. I went before God and offeted to lay down my life in exchange to spare my Wife. God had different plans. I will help my family to raise up these Grandkids in the fear and admonition of the Lord as as the example laid forth by the men and women who walked before me in this world. God has prepared me for a much greater task ad I walk forth in the days I have left on this earth. I am loved. W am blessed. I am a child of God.


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I read every one of your posts on that thread with a heavy heart. I kept you and your family in my thoughts a lot during your difficult times. I am still truly sorry for your loss.
There is no time-table on mourning. You cope as your heart allows. Take all the time you need. And in the mean time, soak up all the beauty of having those grandkids.


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Beautiful grandkids Russ! My Dad passed away 5 years ago and left a hole in my family so I know just what you mean. I’ve moved my home office over to my moms house (we are blessed to have a separate office furnished out back) and work from there mon-fri. My son does wonders for my moms mood and having the family around in general let’s her know she is not alone and is loved. We now do dinner most nights with her. Bless you and your family!


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Always a link. Later we go to see my Mom.
We’ll be SD’ing since she’s 86, and we’ll carry the chicken & dumplings to her in an old pot which carries a label from my wife’s mother, who passed 10 years ago. They will both be present in this current world.
Love to Mom. Love to Barbara.


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Losing those that are close never truly goes away, it never should either, to completely get over a thing of that sort you'd have to forget about them, and that is not a good thing, you will go on, new normal will be established, but you will never forget those who were close and now gone on to the next great adventure