Orlik Golden Sliced SUCKS!

Is Orlik Golden Sliced even pipe tobacco?

  • No, it's horrible

    Votes: 23 12.2%
  • Meh, it's okay

    Votes: 68 36.0%
  • I like it a lot

    Votes: 87 46.0%
  • Best. Tobacco. Ever.

    Votes: 11 5.8%

  • Total voters

Russ H.

Fight The Good Fight
Nope. There are some things that even mold doesn't like.
You know I've been told there are things that can survive nuclear blasts, and just about anything mankind can throw at them. Perhaps OGS should be added to the very short list.
Those are--**** Roaches, Twinkies, and rats.
Well--If I survive the crap-hits-the-fan end all--be all you'll find me sitting on an old bent up park bench smoking OGS in the rubble--eating twinkies with my pet **** roach, and rat both on leashes tied to the park bench. :LOL::hahaha-024: