Orlik Golden Sliced SUCKS!

Is Orlik Golden Sliced even pipe tobacco?

  • No, it's horrible

    Votes: 24 11.9%
  • Meh, it's okay

    Votes: 72 35.8%
  • I like it a lot

    Votes: 93 46.3%
  • Best. Tobacco. Ever.

    Votes: 12 6.0%

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I had to have a bowl. It had been a couple of years, at least. I had some flakes that were in the tin 3 years, then jarred and dipped into a couple times but have been sitting untouched for at least 2 years. I gave it a few minutes of dry time, broke it up to "broken flake" consistency, loaded a bowl, and... meh. Still meh. There were no amazing moments, but no terrible moments either. It tasted like fresh cut hay with minor citrus notes. Near the end it started to taste a little more sweet, a little stoved. That was it. It was okay, no more, no less. I smoked the whole thing, didn't dump it or anything, but not really planning on having more soon. Age didn't seem to have changed it beyond the color. I have another tin that will hit the 6-year mark in March, and it will probably hit the 7-year mark next March. I still stand by my vote of, "Meh, it's okay."


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Please send all sucky tins of OGS to me... will promise to make substantial donations to your favorite charity.
I'm resurrecting this thread to say good has come of carpting on a gold standard tobacco: I sent Baboo the remainder of my 100g tin of OGS (count me in the It Sucks camp) along with a couple other small samples and what did he do? Pestered me for a local charity and made a sizable donation that tipped the equivalency scale far in his favor. Didn't want this good deed to go unnoticed. And, Dan, you don't have to admit to anyone when you're actually smoking that carp. Though if you do, I'll feel slightly better knowing the philanthropy it generated.