Orlik Golden Sliced SUCKS!

Is Orlik Golden Sliced even pipe tobacco?

  • No, it's horrible

    Votes: 24 11.7%
  • Meh, it's okay

    Votes: 72 35.0%
  • I like it a lot

    Votes: 97 47.1%
  • Best. Tobacco. Ever.

    Votes: 13 6.3%

  • Total voters


That'll do, Pig.
You know, I voted “meh” when this thread first started but I’m going to have to change my vote to “I like it a lot.” It turns out that the secret to unlocking its true potential is all in how you pack it. It turns out that if you pack it with 30% perique it really comes alive.

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I got the idea from my friend and fellow pipe club member. Just this one little trick and all of a sudden it’s quite tasty.
This is basically like saying you hate mushrooms but they're okay on pizza because you can't taste them.