OTC Tobacco Recommendation


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Wow, I'm totally jealous. Even my tobacco store (saying "tobacconist" makes me sound like a... well, several different things could go there, but I don't want to be any of them) doesn't have that big a selection of old-school OTCs. Definitely try all the Middleton's, have some SWR and (a completely different creature) SWRA, the Half and Half for sure, get a Legend from your local wherever and try the 79. The Captain Black, try the original first. If you like it, check out some of the others. If you like the CB, try the bagged Cavendishes (super value & smokers pride). The Gambler, Dean's, and Tin Star are (as has been said) RYO done badly. But, wow, that's a great selection, and it looks like the prices are pretty good too. Enjoy!


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You know, I always found Gold Block and Carter Hall a bit similar. Though, I think the Gold Block we get is different than what you get...
I found that when i tried it, i know the composition we get is va and burley with a slight top note....I wouldn't smoke it to the exclusion of everything else but it's a decent smoke never the less.
in opinion Carter hall is much better it has non-figuratively no bite to it where as good block if you even think of pushing it it can be very bitey.
I know gold block of old used to contain a golden cavendish or negrohead (whatever that is)


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I recently tried a small pouch of Prince Albert. I'd put him back in that can if I could.

It was just OK. Not unpleasant, but didn't really make me raise my eyebrows and say "Wow, this is good stuff".

I'll probably stick with Half & Half for OTC tobacco. That, I rather like. And Captain Black white pouch.