Peterson tobacco, will it change?


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To my taste, Hyde Park is kinda like GH&Co. Rum Flake toned down several notches.
Taste is subjective, so YMMV.
I’ve smoked a lot of Rum Flake over the years, and wouldn’t be surprised if Hyde Park is broken Rum Flake with a slightly modified(or even unmodifed) topping. I do know that GH makes(made?) HP for the Peterson lineup.
My prediction is that the blends could be identical, even so far as having a Peterson label put over the Dunhill label, and some people would swear that the quality wasn't what it used to be. :bangin:
I really could care less if other people think that. As long as I enjoy it, I'll smoke it. If I don't, there are plenty of other blends I love. No worries.