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Pictures of Pipe Tobacco

3 Olives

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How about some info on your plug knife @3 Olives ? We have quite a few knife guys here....
I had it made 5 years ago by a knife maker at BladeForums.com. All of the information was on my old laptop. I just found out my Wife threw the laptop out several weeks ago.
There is a stamp on the blade but I can’t make it out.
Pictures don’t do it justice:

E2F5C285-A752-4381-A4CF-9B46F35D20A1.jpeg 1672EACA-7E6B-4A8E-9CF9-5B705DB22C4E.jpeg


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Tobias Tobit

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Moments ago,
unwrapped an old sealed 1oz. packet of Condor Long Cut.

Wasn't expecting much because these paper packets don't usually withstand the toll of ages,
but I was pleasantly surprised.

Dried out yes, but still smoked wonderfully with full flavor and strong nicotine.

Condor is robustly robust!

It does say double wrapped for extra freshness on the package, they weren't lying

Ozark Wizard

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The picture makes me want to smoke that.

The name....doesn’t.
I know, it's an odd name....

It's incestuous because it's all the same crop of Virginias, but all seven of the components are treated in different ways, stoving, topping and casings, some I smoked using juniper and scrub oak chips from Utah, etc. A real ordeal, but once again, all from a single planting of the same patch. All plants grown from seeds from one plant from the previous year. Get it?