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Pictures of Pipe Tobacco

I know, it's an odd name....

It's incestuous because it's all the same crop of Virginias, but all seven of the components are treated in different ways, stoving, topping and casings, some I smoked using juniper and scrub oak chips from Utah, etc. A real ordeal, but once again, all from a single planting of the same patch. All plants grown from seeds from one plant from the previous year. Get it?
It's a family affair.
There should be a note on the tin “Just add nicotine!”
I know but I love the taste

I thought DSK meant dark strong Kentucky.

Is it not?
The name is very misleading, might be less nicotine than Carter Hall but that liquorice note works for me. Needing a little more nic is easily remedied by having something heavier before, after, or during. Sometimes I do all three.


Foggy Fogey.
Here's a bit of an oddball ---
a 1931 sample tin of R&J Hill Dark Shag:

some more old St. Bruno Flake:

This particular tin is kinda neat because it has a seal on the bottom:

The early vacuum rectangular tins had those little seals made out of rubber.
This one didn't have any writing on bottom so I included one with writing for the last pic, it's a Warlock Rich Dark Flake tin.