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This is where pipe & accessory makers can list their contact info. Only reply if you are a pipe or accessory maker. Any other posts will be deleted so we can keep this uncluttered. If you sell through your own website or something like Etsy List that url. Do not list items for sale here, only contact info.
1) DGEHandmadePipes.com Primarily cob mods and Falcob bowls. Also some pens and shaving gear.

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Robert Perkins

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Robert Perkins
713-469-5530 (US)

I am not going to post my email address here because the bots just love those things, but there is a PM form on my website, or I can pass people my email address via private message if they would like.

I also have a whatsapp number that I can pass to anyone who wants it, but I won't post it here because it will likely change if I change cell phone companies or whatever.


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Hey, y'all!
Sorringowl, here. And here's the website: Sorringowlandsons.com

All PSD members get a 10% discount on any in-stock items. Just enter PSDMEMBER at checkout.

You can also PM me here on the forum, where you'll find me, most likely, in the sales forum, looking for more pipes I don't need to buy :bag:

I still have my Etsy shop, but, there's more stuff (pipe and non-pipe-related) on the website than there is in the Etsy shop.


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I guess I should put stuff here.

Uh, I'm Todd, I make pipes. BSTpipes.com except there's never anything going on there because I'm too busy making pipes and selling them here at PSD

BriarSweatandTears@gmail dot com if you wanna yak about how crappy all these other makers are.

(Collectively) Hi Todd. Welcome to the group. We’re happy to have you here amongst the crappy makers.
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