Pipe and Stem Repair.


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Over yonder this question was asked frequently so I copied the post we had. The list is not all inclusive, just the most frequently mentioned. These are US based. If any of you across the pond know of any over there please let us know. Shipping charges are a bear.

We get several requests for information on stem repairs. Below is a short list of people who have gained a solid reputation by performing quality work for many members. No particular ranking. Neither PSD nor its moderators endorse or guarantee the results. This list is from the positive reports members have given these guys.

This list is not exhaustive and there may be many other fine repair shops out there, but these seem to be most often mentioned by PSD members.


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Tim West is one of the best repairmen working today, usually referred to as one of the top 3 until RonniB retired a couple of years ago. Now Tim is one of the top two, and the other top level repairman is George Dibos, whose repair and restoration skills I have relied upon for the past several years.

If you own very high end collectible pipes, George is the guy to see, and his stem work is as good as it gets. You can get an idea of George's knowledge and commitment to the pipe smoking community through this series of videos he posted on YouTube, to which I posted a link on this forum:


There's a new restorer, who's been showing a similar level of talent, much worth investigating:


Why anyone would want to get into this line is work is beyond me. It take much higher levels of skill and knowledge than the vast majority of pipe makers possess, gets little respect and less pay. So I guess these guys do it primarily for the love of pulling off feats of magic.


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The key to being a happy customer with pipe repair & restoration work is to match the quality/importance/value of the pipe to the skills and resources of the repairman.

Pipes range from dashboard-dwelling knockarounds and "fishing" pipes (a.k.a tobacco access devices), to museum quality, historically significant antiques and contemporary "smokable art" sculpture worth many thousands of dollars.

Most dissatisfaction with pipe repair can be traced to a mis-match at the start of the process.

A bit of Q&A on boards like this one before shipping your stuff is the best way to avoid surprises and disappointments.
Mike Myers business is called Walker Pipe Repair. He took over the business from Dave Wolff. He's done all my repair work for mkelaw-pipes.com and I couldn't be happier with the quality of his work. Absolutely top notch! Very reasonably priced. He's managed to whittle his turn-around time down quite a bit. Seems like the last job for me was returned in about two months.


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I sent Mark Tinsky an email to see if he could work on a few buttons. He said send them on in right away. In a couple days he was done and I just got them today - excellent work! Fast, great comms, very reasonable price, great to work with. Deal with confidence.


Yep, if I need a need a new stem, I send the bowl to Mark Tinsky and describe what I want. Right now he's making a vulcanite stem for one of my 86 year old Yello-Boles.