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Pipe color variations help...


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I bought these three Peterson Return of Sherlock Holmes series. Where I bought theme from their only description of color was Dark. As you can see two are the same color and the third one is different. They had photos of the pipes on their site,but it was not clear as to what color they were. Are thes pipes just different colors due to briar variation or stain variation? Should I return the Mycroft that is a different hue? Or is this natural? Because the two the right look reddish while the one on the right is more brown. 50E1500A-9096-47B6-B07B-5C9A0F60ADC8.jpeg


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I'm guessing those are all stained differently.
The one on the left got hit with dark brown a couple of times (intended base color). The upper right one looks like it was hit with a red "top coat" 2x but they forgot the base coat.

The lower right one is a well done contrast stain, and is probably what the other two should look like.

What you have there is a nice exhibit of how difficult it is to contrast stain evenly when drunk on Guinness.

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