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Pipe Replace Skoal

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
Also smoking a pipe may not be an option in certain work environments, and moist snuff becomes the option.
that's my situation exactly.

I smoke a pipe only to enjoy it an relax. I really haven't smoked a pipe regularly in months because my business has kept me way too busy,
and I find it harder and harder to relax. at the same time, I'm exhausted so sometimes I use nicotine to get that "wake up" kick in the :ass:.

I've used "velo" at work at times which is a snus that is white bags... no need to spit, no black juice. My wife smokes cigarettes, and
I admit that I've tried those every once in a while, but that's not for me. My sinuses have been all but destroyed by surgeries, and
smoking cigarettes causes problems quickly for me.

if you want to stop chewing tobacco, I believe snus are a start. that being said, it may just be switching to a
hopefully a little healthier version of the same habit.

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
hey say the 1st step in quiting something , is to want to quit.

while that is certainly true, if you're used to either strong substances or high amounts
of a substance, the urge is a lot stronger that what most people (that have quit smoking) could
Also: everyone's different. The only way I can control things is to not do them.
I don't have a problem not smoking, but once I light a pipe, I'll keep going until
I go to bed.
Same with alcohol: no problem not to have a drink, but once I start I'll certainly have a
second and a 3rd beer as well...