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Pipe tobacco purchases in 2019


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Anyone plan on buying less pipe tobacco this year vs last?

It’s a question that never would have occurred to me, in any year, up until recently. I’ve been actively cellaring pipe tobacco since 2000, starting with Christmas Cheer (buy 3 each year, cellar 2). I always bought more than I smoked and from 2000 to 2016 my cellar went from a couple of dozen tins to roughly 55 lb. Almost everything I smoke benefits from age so I was stocking up to enjoy aged blends later, because it will never be cheaper, to have a reserve if a blend I like is discontinued, all the usual reasons. Not much changed in 2017 but in 2018, after the McC and Dunhill news, I started buying aggressively and opportunisticly. I’m over 100lb now, roughly 70% tinned, 30% jarred. After McC closed I went on a tear trying every VA and VaPer I could get my hands on. I haven’t had it all, but I’ve had most. I can’t imagine a scenario where my pipe tobacco purchases won’t be down at least 70% this year, probably more. Given my 1-2 bowl per day consumption, I’m set for a good while.

I can’t be the only one who is slowing down purchases this year, and if that’s true, maybe the chronic shortages we’ve all seen may get a little better?


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I'm not organized enough in my approach to cellaring to know whether I will buy more or less in 2019 than I did in 2018.
My tobacco purchases were about the same as always for last year.
Without a systematic approach, I have to assume the same will be true for this year.
But again, I really don't know.


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Yes I will be purchasing much less this year. My cellar is too big. My purchases will be limited to a few blends and anything new to me. I too started cellaring in the early 2000s and it’s grown to a lot. I am relatively young and may need to smoke out if my cellar exclusively in my latter years depending on laws and bans so I wanted to stock up good. 2018 was one of my big years in terms of purchasing but with Dunhill and my beloved EMP going away I needed to secure as close to a lifetime supply as I could before it went away.

With that said...

The blends that I am still interested in acquiring unfortunately sell out immediately or very close to it. Some are never even mentioned here yet still sell out so fast sometimes I can’t even manage to snag 5 tins. One example McConnels Special London Fine Cut sells out instantly pretty much everywhere. I think we’re all buying the same stuff and at this point (2019 and beyond)it’s time served that lets you have any cellar Rattray or Gawith (2-5 per blend per order). I’ve been on a plug tear and there is not one plug outside of a loose C&D plug/cake thingy to be purchased easily in the US. I see the new guys freaking out trying to cellar the English stuff and I have watched that happen in probably 5 different waves now. Penzance is impossible to find for the 3rd time. Us old timers all have enough to choke a horse but it’s jarred so worth nothing to the new fellas. Not sure it’ll get better.

Now where was that Salty Dogs in stock notification email again....


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I keep saying that this year I will buy less tobacco and pipes. I said that to myself in late December of last year, and within a few days I purchased a pound of Pegasus and an excellent Vauen Acorn partially sandblasted estate pipe. So, as I may not buy AS MUCH as I did last year, i will be buying some (obviously). I have about 95 pounds of tobacco in the cellar and (like you) smoke 1-2 bowls a day. I figure the supply I have (at age 46) will last me the rest of my life (or longer, haha!).

I will purchase some new blends (if they make it past the ridiculous FDA testing). But, I feel with SG, GH (except maybe a little more Dark Birdseye, as I have a pound, I think), PH, etc. I have A LOT. I think I have about 7 pounds of FVF and SJF, 6 pounds of both Medium Virginia Flake and Kendal Plug. I have 25 tins of Cabbie's Mixture in jars. I have 3 pounds of Peretti No. 8 slice and Cuban Mixture. 2 pounds of Park Square. I am seriously considering ordering 8 ounces of Peretti Coffe blend, No. 52, DD, Blend no. 333, and RCTR. I literally have them in my Peretti cart as I type,

Anyway, while I won't purchase as much as I have the last couple years, I will be purchasing a couple pipes and some tobacco this year. Just not as much.......


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I’ll probably ramp up my tobacco purchases this year. I should’ve bought more last year and bought less pipes, but it is what it is. I’m not planning on buying any pipes this year at all, except the POY.

If GH ever comes back in stock stateside, I will be buying some. I kick myself for thinking it wouldn’t ever be hard to find because it’s always been so easily available.

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I'll probably mosey through the rest of the Peretti offerings (minus the hypergoopers), getting samples when I need to replace favorites. I've shifted to old school B&Ms to support them and will continue my sample moseying once done at Peretti's at other ones as well, providing they don't simply rebadge Stokkebye and Sutliff bulks. I'm too frugal to pop my McClellands (I know, I know) and other 'now unobtainable' tins but still like trying new stuff.

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The way this year is shaping up I'm imagining that I'm not going to have too much extra disposable income. Also, I think at this point I might have finally crested the hill of the "must try everything" phase and can start making more purposeful, focused purchases of tins that I know I'm going to like in the future and continue to smoke down the 80+ random jarred blends that I have. So, if I see some good deals on blends I love I'm sure I'll pull the trigger and I'm always interested in trying new things, but I feel like my tobacco palate education has progressed to the point where I don't any longer feel the need to make random scattershot purchases just for the hell of it.


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If something new comes along that sounds interesting I’ll definitely try it. I really like Sutliff’s Red VA and VaPer Crumble Kakes, for example, and I’ve begun putting those away. Other than those I’ll be adding to my stocks of Tilbury (ha!), Salty Dogs, and Peterson 3P if it ever comes back. Other than that I’m good. I’ve got a long time horizon to plan for (I’m 40) but 20-30 years supply (40% McC) puts me well past panic/forced buy territory.
I probably won't buy any tobacco unless something new really interests me, I need to restock on a favorite that I'm out of, or one of the hardest to find blends I love is available at retail prices.
I have more than I need by a long shot and am going to be a net negative on the year. I want to give or trade away anything I don't love. I've found enough of those blends that there's no point in smoking things I just like ok given that I max out at around 3 bowls a week.