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Pipe tobacco purchases in 2019

It's definitely interesting times for the tobacco manufacturers, distributors and the retailers who sell their products... As many of us did start buying a lot in 2018, conceivably, as soon as we have as much as we think we need.... our buying habits will soften.
It happens in every market - unless there's demand from new guys who have entered the hobby, once the demand softens a lot of retailers and distributors will be left holding the baby.
It's as cheap and available as it is right now, can't speak to next year or the one following but I only have enough to carry me through maybe, maybe, two years without making purchases if I stretch it. Pick up what I want, when I can, if it's available, as much as possible. It would be great/amazing if not everyone at once bought 10 pounds of every SG/GH blend the moment they come back, if they come back.