Pipe weight, and size?


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When I clench, it's usually just for a second or two. Just to grab my tamper or pipe cleaner, or something. So I don't usually look at weight when considering a pipe (which is good, as I'm already a stickler on length and chamber size. If I added weight to my list, I'd never find a pipe to want, lol...) The occasional bowl that I plan to clench for pretty much the whole time (if I'm doing something else during my bowl) is generally in a Legend. To me, the MM Legend is the "perfect clencher".

Sir Saartan

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To me, the MM Legend is the "perfect clencher".
I agree it's a really good pipe to clench. However, a MM general filled with a good flake will last you ages and
with my home made bent stem, it's just perfect.
I usually smoke a pipe when doing some wood work or anything similar, and obviously you need your hands free
so I need a pipe that you can clench for a couple of hours. I'd say that MM general is perfect for that. light weight and
a very deep but kind of narrow bowl perfect for virginia flakes.