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Pipes That Don't Meet the Standard?!?


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I don't have any bad smoking pipes. In all of the years that I've collected, I've only ever experienced a handful that were problematic in some structural way and I immediately gave them new homes. In the process I learned that a pipe that doesn't work for me may be emminently enjoyable for someone else.

But, as with tobaccos, my tastes do change and I find some pipes sitting in the drawer that used to get regular use. I used to like large pipes with large chambers and now I rarely touch those. And the idea of a collection is becoming less and less important to me. So I'm definitely going to pare down what is already a relatively small collection into a smaller one, not because the pipes in question are in any way deficient, but because they no longer fit my needs.

And I thank you all for the information provided in this thread so far. I now know to avoid buying pipes from Smoking Pipes because everyone is dumping their stinkers there.:startle:


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I haven't had many really "bad" pipes. More often a pipe just doesn't work for me because of the balance or stem setup. Like what @Sorringowl said about one's particular dentition matching up with a pipe. I will sometimes (or maybe often:)) buy a pipe on eBay because I find something about it interesting and then find out it doesn't work for me. I clean it up and pass it on to someone who might like it better.


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I have never encountered a bad pipe. It's a piece of wood with 2 holes in it. I imagine you'll have problems if you grow a third hole. Maybe I am just not a seasoned enough veteran. I see guys that will only smoke this bowl diameter or this particular shape etc. I must be doing it wrong because I smoke all shapes and sizes and don't really give a crap.


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I have a bunch that wouldn't meet any one's standards for construction, catywompous drilling, etc. Almost all of them smoke just fine. I have a few that should be great as they are visually perfect, but they don't smoke well for me. They are in a box on the back shelf. Every once in a while I will pull one out and give it another try. Some of them just need more breaking in, a few I have been able to modify the drilling and stem and improve it somewhat. I have two "eBay Durable Pipes". One my son has for a costume prop, the other I keep as a reminder of a lesson learned.


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Before I learned of such things, I owned an il Ceppo pipe that had a draft hole so far off center that I now wonder if the carver was drunk when he made it. It smoked perfectly.
I have a pipe from a pipe maker friend that the draft hole is a slot in the side about 3/8" up. You can't tell when it is full of tobacco. 😁🤠
Worst pipes I've had was one clay that came as a rod connected to a cup. No draft hole. Couldn't fix that. The other was the PSF2018 POY, with which the stem hole was very small and when the stem was bent it was pinched so air could not pass. That I could fix by heating a prebent piece of bale wire in the campfire and pushed it through while red hot.

Smokes great now!

Any other pipe that was questionable I modified in one way or another to get it to do whatever I thought it wasn't doing right for me.


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I don’t imagine I’m the only person here who would like a peek in Spill’s Box o’ Rejects™.
For the price of postage you could do more than peek. But seriously you know I smoke some cheap pipes so it's not entirely snobbery - it's that some pipes (regardless of price) just kinda suck. Admittedly there are a few in there that probably smoke just fine but are substandard in other ways and I don't enjoy smoking them.
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I bought an Ashton that was comically bad. Bannard turned it into a pipe and it’s good now.
One time I went against @dmkerr ’s advice and ended up with a really crappy meer. That thing sits in the chest as a testament to not listening to people who know what they’re talking about.
I knew what i was talking about because i owned that meer before you bought it.

I think i overcharged you, too.