pipetobacco. Is this a real site?


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The site is totally a scam. Even though they show Texas as a home address they are based in China I was taken in and now working with PayPal to get my funds back. They show very low prices on a massive scale of product. The old saying applies to this group " If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is "

This is an important lesson in Paypal -- which is to say, do not use Paypal.

  • Your regular credit cards have the strongest consumer protections. If someone cheats you, the credit card will refund you ASAP, usually no questions asked.

  • Your debit cards are next-best. The legally mandated protections are weaker, and everything takes longer, but the issuing bank has good reasons to get you your money back, eventually.

  • Paypal is worse than either debit or credit. You have no legally mandated protections at all, everything is subject to Paypal's whim, and they will do whatever benefits Paypal.

  • Worst of all is direct bank draughts via a your checking account #s. There's no practical way to get your money back, ever, if something goes wrong and isn't caught immediately.
(This is also a good reason to never give Paypal any banking information: as soon as they have your checking account #s, if someone disputes a payment to you, Paypal will happily steal money from you and keep it. You will not get it back.)
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