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Please school me on Peretti blends


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Only one I have ever tried was this year's Thanksgiving blend.
I don't know, I'm just not feeling the love.
I liked the 2017 and 2018 Thanksgiving Day blends.
2017 was better after a year in the jar.
I hope for the same for the 2018.
Still, I only "liked" them.
I much more prefer LJP latakia blends.

The several latakia blends I've tried from LJP are fantastic.
Whereas LJP's Thanksgiving Day blends may be just good, their latakia blends are better than most.


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No. 8, Cuban, Park Square, and pretty much any flake they make (haven't tried Boston Slices, however) are all good. They make excellent blends. I was just seriously considering ordering some that I haven't tried yet. I literally have them in my cart as I type. I would order some to try out.

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500 has become a favourite, right up there with Squadron Leader.
A few years back @DannoH left an aged tin of 9575 ( I think, the writing was not legible) and it was fantastic. I did my best to smoke it all before he returned but I swear that paint can was magic and I hardly made a dent in the baccy.
This summer I started exploring Burley through a trade with @Steve Wright (thanks again Steve!) I quite enjoy 333 and Cuban Mixture and on my recent trip to Boston I stopped in quickly and grabbed 2oz each of B-94, 1072, DD and 7485.
I’ve only had a couple of bowls each of 1072 and B-94 but first impressions are positive. I like that their blends have a style to them that is unique and identifiable, same as MacBaren is and McClellands was. Such a style won’t appeal to everyone, but Mom always warned me about the perils of trying to make everyone happy.
As much as I wish Sam Gawith and GH blends were more available, I will be happy to continue exploring Peretti’s offerings and develope a large yellow section in my cellar


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My experience with Peretti blends is as follows:
* Cuban Mixture is one of the finest pipe tobaccos available anywhere at any cost.... ❤️ (It’s Middleton Walnut’s wealthy cousin)...
* Original Mixture will ghost your pipe so badly you better hope you like it! 👻
* Crown is a terrific “light English” that gets no love - none what so ever! 😞 except from me 👍
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Love it there. If you live close enough make a road trip out if it. Heck they will let you probably try all thier blends if ya can muster it. Whenever I ask about a blend they say fill your pipe and try it out! Just a great shop with friendly knowledgeable staff. My advice is
“Try’em All!”