Pocket Knife for Shaving Plugs


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Okay, let's see some pics.
I didn't do much to mine, just re-worked the pivot area to make it open and close easier, smoothed it off a little at the bottom, and did an "easy-open" mod under the nail nick. I'll try to remember to get a photo, but it's nothing too exciting. I didn't want to take it too far. I saw a photo of a number 8 or 9 once that had the handle fully rounded at the bottom with flattened sides and a pocket clip attached, and also a "wave" opener cut into the blade. Maybe some jimping too. It was ridiculous, like some cars can be. You know, the ones where you think to yourself, "Dude, just stop going to Auto Zone, you don't need more nonfunctional not-quite-chrome on that Civic!" I used to live up the street from a guy who had put at least as much money into "accessories" as into his Tercel.


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I have a few options. My favorite isn't anything fancy.
Not quite as inexpensive as my Opinel.
But the shape of the blade on this folder is excellent.

It's a Firebird by Ganzo.
Rugged, easy to maintain, and the fit-n-finish is worthy of something more than its price of under $30.

(Pictured here with non-plug tobacco...:))
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I have a Firebird, too. It's great for cutting plugs and ropes.


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