Post a picture of you smoking your favorite pipe


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This was my favourite pipe for a while a Bruno Freehand plateau US estate pipe, especially for St. Bruno tobacco, but I never had much luck with it, I broke the shank & glued it back together with superglue, then it was knocked onto a wooden fire surround & broke again & I glued it again , but I am reluctant to use it in case I break it again. "O tobacco spirits what went wrong......"


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By the look on my face, I'll bet you can't tell if there's three or four bodies in the trunk of my Grand Marquis
A Grand Marquis was the first proper car I ever bought, something reasonably new and actively chosen instead of taken for desperation.

So I feel I can tell you, one Panther fan to another: Don't sell yourself short.

You can fit a lot more than four bodies in that trunk.


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You look more than a little like the famous sports fellow in your avatar.
(Of course, he was wearing a wig.)
You know I've thought there's a slight resemblance too - particularly on the old avatar I used - but I have to correct you about the wig :)

Fred stopped playing and went into media work in the early 1970s and long hair like that was all the rage at the time in the UK .. on the Historical Pipe Smokers thread there are a few pics I posted of Fred from that era and one from later on when he thinned out gracefully ;)