Post Pictures of Your Metal Pipes!


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I used to have a couple of those, but the straight version. Airo-Grate, I think it’s called?

@Tortuga check eBay. I bought them really cheap on there years ago.
I saw a straight one at an antique store a ways back. Very overpriced, I was planning on trying to beat him down on the price next time I was in there. I wasn't aware they had made a bent version.


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Just one, sort of but carbon fiber vs metal.

Tom Eltang Sailor

A great reminder to the true lineage of the new smokingpipes Eltang Basic. I love the < 20g weight!!! sp lists each pipe's unique dimensions, and I chose mine because it was lightest - 19.66g. Not even close to my lightest pipe ( Tom Eltang: Rusticated Natural Arne Jacobsen coming in at 14g ), but it'll do in a pinch, it can eat crackers in my bed anytime, Bob's your uncle.



cause something to give off light
Here are my Falcon and Kirsten. The Falcon is a 1970s vintage that I inherited from my grandfather. The Kirsten is marked with "Seattle Pipe Club 2002" and is wearing an olivewood bowl made especially for me by our very own Don Warren.

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